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About Accelerate Communications

Accelerating strategic innovation and collaborative intelligence


By using a combination of data, insight and modelling, rapid prototyping, user testing and analytics analysis, we’re able to support you to continuously grow and improve your position and standing, strengthening your reputation as a good citizen.


We focus on creating innovative, highly intuitive, impactful digital, automation and ethical AI-enabled processes, products and services, PR and marketing.

Success is no accident. It is solving challenges and enabling action through discovering technologies, insights and taking advantage of the innovation opportunities at pace but without comprising quality for quickness.
Our services can be deployed at any stage of your innovation journey, to supplement internal knowledge or build insight outside of your core. We meet you wherever you are. Our work crosses the boundaries of discipline and sector and shows return on investment.


We provide solutions that enable you to be ahead of the curve by supporting you to increase revenues, decrease costs whilst intelligently collaborating with your communities, without suffering quality for doing things quicker.

We provide leading globally local strategic solutions, including digitisation, automation and ethical artificial intelligence, by the best people and the leading tech, enabling businesses, organisations and brands to be good citizens – building successful and sustainable futures.

Taking a collaborative approach, with potential disruptive impact, we support local, regional, national and international businesses, organisations, brands in established and emerging economies across the public and private sectors.

From start-ups to large enterprises, we work with you to accelerate understanding, take-up and compliance, all whilst ensuring you are good citizens playing your part in your communities.

Some of our clients are global leaders who want to push boundaries to stay ahead of the curve. Others are exploring their innovation journey and opportunities outside of their traditional business offer and ways of doing business.

Our services can be deployed at any stage of your innovation journey, to supplement your internal knowledge or build insight outside of your core. We meet you wherever you are. Our work crosses the boundaries of discipline and sector.

We also ensure your innovation is focused on the user outcomes with leading and innovative PR, marketing and engagement which enhances and grows your reputation, accelerating results.


  • Accelerating strategic innovation and collaborative intelligence required to ensure your effective operating resilience in the fast changing and paced industries, sectors, economies and localities.
  • Accelerating digitisation, automation and ethical AI to create opportunities for businesses and organisations whilst remaining human in the data age.
  • Innovative ways to acquire new customers, business and supporters and engaging existing clients, audiences, citizens, communities, shareholders and employees more effectively and innovatively.
  • Transformational and measurable PR and marketing required to make a success of your digitisation, automation and ethical AI, your programmes, projects, your community building and relations.
  • We work in the UK and Europe and also specialise in supporting those in emerging global economies, including across east Africa.


Accelerate, founded by Kerry Sheehan and supported by an ecosystem of leading technology, automation and ethical artificial intelligence specialists, public relations leaders and those driving innovation to ensure the leading edge.

Accelerate Squad

Kerry Sheehan

A Chartered PR and a certified business professional, Kerry has advised  governments, national, regional and local government and health agencies, businesses and brands on some of the most complex issues and programmes business and society have faced, including exiting the European Union, COVID-19, recovery and innovation in operations.

Kerry’s portfolio includes working with some of the biggest and high-profile multi-market brands, local and regional businesses, organisations and start-ups, including UK Government, multi-market health and pharmaceutical organisations, technology brands such as Microsoft and consumer organisations including Intercontinental Hotel Group, Costa Coffee and

Kerry was the first PR in the world to become qualified in AI and Machine Learning for Business, to advise on automation and ethical AI build and deployment across organisations; and also in the PR and marketing functions.

Kerry is a Board Director of We and AI, a UK non-government organisation raising awareness and the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence; a member of the International Data Science Foundation and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Kerry was awarded the renowned Sir Stephen Tallents medal and Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for her outstanding services to the public relations industry, for raising the profile of the value of business innovation and PR to to business and society across the world.

Calvin Nyagudi
Business and PR Consultant, Kenya

Jenia Jeroh
Marketing and Data Consultant, Nigeria and London