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Accelerate Communications

Our mission is what drives Accelerate to support businesses and organisations to do better, building successful and sustainable futures.

We do that by building leading globally, local strategic innovation and intelligence, collaborative communications and marketing, digitisation, automation and ethical artificial intelligence enabling best citizen businesses to make a positive impact with the communities they serve and the markets they operate in.


Accelerate Communications

We are Accelerate: An innovation and intelligence management, communications and marketing consultancy.

We provide solutions that enable you to be ahead of the curve by supporting you to increase revenue, decrease costs or provide more value whilst building your profiles and purpose and, intelligently collaborating with your communities without suffering quality for doing things quicker.

Our Services

Accelerate provides a range of award-winning services across developed and developing economies, in the public and private sector, from micro start-ups to small, medium and large enterprises.

We enable strategic innovation, collaborative intelligence, transformational communication and marketing to support you to stay ahead of the curve through inspiration and evidence, providing clarity out of complexity, data, automation, ethical artificial intelligence and tech with the human touch.

Digitisation, Automation, Ethical AI; and Associated ethical PR, Engagement and Marketing
Strategy and Innovation Development and Implementation
Stakeholder Growth and Management
Advocacy and Engagement, Including Traditional Influencers, Virtual Agents, Virtual Influencers and Bots
Reputation Management and Growth, Risk and Crisis Communications
Strategic Media and Policy Relations, Public and Corporate Affairs
Content Development and Content Delivery, including Automated Content
Creative Campaign Conceptualisation, Execution and Management
Intelligent Apps and Things
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Analytics and Measurement, Including Predictive Analytics
Social Media and Social Marketing
Event Concepts and Management, including Virtual Events


Accelerate your business with digitisation, automation and ethical artificial intelligence

Digitisation, automation and ethical artificial intelligence can change the future of your company, organisation by transforming your business. Digitisation, automation and AI is penetrating every side of the business, from deploying chatbots and virtual assistants to AI-driven platforms for internal processes as well as customer and citizen-facing services and communication and engagement.
We help businesses, organisations and brands in building digital, automation and ethical AI solutions that enable you to perform better.


Accelerate Communications will help you transform your business, organisation, brand or services with innovative ways to acquire new customers and business, engage with existing clients, citizens and employees more effectively, improving many document-intensive processes, reducing costs, increasing profits and providing more value. We will also aid you to become an ethical AI-powered business with the human touch – all whist ensuring you are a good citizen and play your part in your communities and society.

We work in the UK, Europe and South Africa but also specialise in supporting those in emerging global economies, including Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda in east Africa.

We collaborate with you to ensure up you are at the forefront of innovation, a now necessity to remain relevant, in whatever stage of your journey you are at, ensuring sensitivity to landscapes, culture and socio-economics.

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